Podcast Episode on Teach Me to Talk

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to speak on Laura Mize’s podcast, Teach Me to Talk. She is a speech therapist I very much admire and whose podcast I have listened to for years. Listening to her podcasts has given me so much information on working with our birth to three population. These last few months, I have felt especially motivated to discuss bilingualism and best practices for our children with language impairments. It is my hope that we can continue to dispel myths and support our bilingual families. Laura was a great host and asked some really good questions. Here’s a link to the podcast if you’d like to listen!


3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode on Teach Me to Talk

  1. Shannon Powers, M.A., CCC-SLP says:

    It was so wonderful to hear your discussion with Laura Mize! It is so true that we have to emphasize how important all language input is for a child, in any and all languages, including sign language. I feel like it is all part of an “infrastructure” of how language works in the child’s mind, so multiple languages simply lay more groundwork for further development. Great contribution to the podcast!


    • Becky Green says:

      Karolyn, I’m so glad that the podcast episode was helpful. I was so happy to speak with Laura Mize about this subject because I admire Laura’s work and because bilingualism is topic very close to my heart. Great work today and I’m sure your evaluation will go very well!


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