Private Therapy

I am accepting new clients for individual therapy. Please read my insurance spiel below.  I practice from a developmental clinic located on

1118 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

I have experience and training in the following areas:

Feeding Therapy

I work with parents and children to increase the variety of foods they will eat. Mealtimes can become a battle when you have a child who wants only pasta noodles and chips. I work with parents to get to the root cause of feeding difficulties to help your child eat those fresh & fibrous foods and avoid mealtime mayhem.

Pediatric Speech & Language Delays

I have worked with children and families birth to five years of age with speech and language delays whatever the cause, known or unknown. I am a play-based therapist and strongly believe in positive interactions and family involvement to promote speech and language development. I have experience in working with families from many different language backgrounds. I can provide speech therapy in Spanish and Portuguese. Ah yes, and English too!

What are the short-term and long-term benefits of addressing speech and language delays early? And what about orofacial development?

Children who have difficulties with speech and language are at a greater risk for

Learning difficulties as children who struggle with receptive language tend to fall behind in the classroom. This only accumulates as concepts in the classroom become more difficult.

Social difficulties as children who cannot communicate are often left out during play time with peers, even in preschool settings.

Behavioral difficulties as children who have difficulties with being able to express themselves verbally often resort to using other forms of physical communication such as pushing or hitting to get their message across.

Eating, Breathing, Sleeping  Children who have poor mouth posture (i.e. open mouth during the day, snoring at night) are at risk for poorer sleep, often have more limited diets (i.e. that picky eater) and are also at risk for a greater number of dental cavities and crooked teeth. If children with sleeping difficulties do not get these resolved, they are less able to attend in school and learn during the day. They are also a whole lot crankier. I know I am if I don’t get that deep, restful sleep. If we can prevent poor resting posture early on, you’ll be starting your child out with the best possible face and mouth development.

Persistent Speech Sound Disorders

If your child (or you yourself) have struggled with that hard to make “r” sound or have a lisp that years of speech therapy in the schools have not resolved, I am here to help you out.  Many times therapists focus on having children (or adults) change their behavior without considering other factors that might make producing that “s” sound, especially when you’re speaking at a normal conversational pace so difficult. This is where my advanced training in orofacial myofunctional therapy comes in:

Orofacial Myology

I have formal training in orofacial myofunctional disorders. What’s that, you may ask? Many children (and adults) have learned incorrect patterns of tongue positioning that can affect not only their speech but their swallowing and breathing patterns. Many children who present with forward tongue posture often have difficulties with forward sounds, such as the “s.” Orofacial myofunctional therapy targets the resting posture of the tongue so that it’s optimal for speech, swallowing, and breathing. I always encourage and refer to other professionals in this area as this is a team effort!


Cost $295-395: Initial evaluation where we evaluate in which areas of speech, feeding, and communication your child has needs. You will receive a report which I can also share with your physician and other healthcare providers. Together we will also determine goals for therapy. If your child has had a recent evaluation, I will take into account that information and the price may be reduced or the evaluation waived. Please schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation for more information.

Cost $120-160: Therapy sessions consist of 45 minutes of direct therapy as well as five minutes of parent consult after the session and carry-over/practice that will be emailed to you after the session. Typically in order to make the most progress, weekly therapy is recommended for at least the first 8-10 weeks.



I am an out of network provider. I have chosen to build a patient-centered model for my practice that does not allow insurance companies to dictate the care that I provide. As the specialist in speech, feeding, and myofunctional therapy, I want to determine with you, the client, what your goals are, the length and timing of therapy. I do this based on best practices and not just on cost effectiveness which is what insurance pushes many of us therapists to do. This means that I do not contract with insurance carriers. Because of this, payment will be expected during the time of your visit.  I accept cash, credit, FSA/HSA payment. I do provide a summary bill, also known as a super bill, which you can submit to your insurance company , so that your insurance company may reimburse you directly according to the terms of your policy. I have seen clients receive anywhere between 50-80% of the cost of therapy reimbursed. I can offer you more information so that when you contact your insurance provider, you know what you can expect with payment.