Fellow speech therapists, (I use the term or Speech therapists, ST’s,  on my website as this is a more commonly used name for our profession outside of the U.S. Because I hope to reach therapists from different reaches of the world, I will refer to my esteemed colleagues as STs.) here are some of the websites I commonly share with parents on language impairment and bilingualism. They are in no order of importance.

This is a bilingual website (English and Spanish) that focuses on reading, language maintenance, and preserving heritage and cultural traditions. This website also has great handouts on reading tips for children of all ages and it comes in ten languages: Arabic, Chinese, Haitian, Hmong, Korean, Dine (Navajo), Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

This is a great website created by parents who are raising their children to be trilingual. There are a lot of helpful tips and hints for overcoming obstacles and dispelling myths.

This is a website created by many of our colleagues who are researchers in bilingualism and language impairment. The cite, as far as I can see, is mostly maintained by Dr. Elizabeth Peña. Definitely subscribe to this website as journal articles that don’t always appear on ASHA are occasionally offered for free for limited amounts of time.

I will continue to add to this thread and feel free to email me if you have websites that you would like to recommend.