About Me

children-sharing-and-playing-with-toys_925xI am a speech-language pathologist who specializes in treating children and young adults with speech and language delays or differences as well as children with feeding difficulties. How is your child’s language coming along? Are you concerned he isn’t speaking as much as his little peers in preschool? What about the foods he eats? Does he avoid certain food groups altogether, like vegetables or fruits? As I become more specialized in speech and language development, I see a strong connection between speech issues and feeding difficulties. I have seen the difference that therapy can make in supporting your child’s communication skills. Parents, you are definitely included in therapy and in the carry-over at home as you are the true experts of your child. Many, many studies show that parent concern about their child’s development is a good indicator of an issue. So, take your concerns seriously and reach out to a professional.  For you parents living in Silicon Valley, I accept clients for private therapy.  Click here to find out how to contact me.

I also have a blog portion of this website for you amazing parents who want to make sure your child reaches their best speech, language, and orofacial (i.e. mouth and facial) development! The research is in, and I’m here to discuss how much strong communication skills and healthy mouth and facial development translate into happy, creative, successful kids. I’ve got some extras for you bilingual parents ¡Maravillo! wunderbar! 精彩! maravilha!)  There are also some myth-busters on here about bilingualism, especially for you families who have children with learning differences. I love feedback, comments, and questions, so send them my way!